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Entry #2


2010-04-21 15:16:34 by Digby1996

Right, so we all know of the Iraq and Afghanistan war. And, although many people join the army and are ready to fight, I think that more propaganda posters are needing amongst the land of the U.K. And I thought who better to raise morale, and inspire youth to join than the amazing icon of Salad Fingers. Unfortunately, Salad Fingers alone wouldn't be enough to double the forces in The Middle East. So Mr. Hubert Cumberdale steps in to help his old friend.



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2010-04-21 16:37:31

lol seriously , what will the brits do in iraq that mathers , besides maybe cleaning up mines
they better get back to their drinking tea and eating crumpets
there is a good reason people dont go to war , because war is hell , imagin your best friend sitting next to you in cover youre getting shot at while all of the sudden you look to your left and your friends head explodes because of a sniper bullet

Digby1996 responds:

Dude... It's a joke, don't get all stereotypical and up your own arse.